Healing by Nature

The Holistic Releaf Wellness and Pain Management Centre is the first of its kind on the African continent.


At the core of our philosophy is the fundamental truth that the best and most affordable healthcare is a universal right. The birth of the centre has its roots in the movement to legalise the hemp crop in South Africa, in order to extract the full potential of this amazing crop and the benefits it has to offer to people, other living organisms and the planet.

The principle focus of the centre is holistic treatment of the body to manage pain and interventions to treat a comprehensive range of illnesses and diseases, drawing on the incredible healing properties of the Cannabis. Exponentially, growing global interest and studies in the medical uses of the cannabis plant has shown that it can be used safely, with zero to minimal negative side effects for a wide range of curative benefits and successful pain management of any severity. Indeed, the global consensus is growing that the hemp crop is in fact a ‘miracle’ plant and we are immensely pleased to be able to finally offer this ‘miracle’ to you.

This is a multiple faceted wellness centre providing strong evidence based natural health care, therapies and supplements to optimise the healing and wellbeing of our patients and improve their lives. Our treatment regimens combine traditional medical practices in chiropractics, physiotherapy, diseases and illnesses (acute and chronic) to treat the whole body. The practitioners at this centre are all medical professionals who have thoroughly researched the extensive medical uses of cannabis and have enthusiastically embraced its potential benefits. As such, the centre will dispense the best grade and quality cannabis supplements to all patients seeking hope and assistance with whatever health challenges they face.

The marijuana plant contains a type of chemical compound called cannabinoids. This compound is also manufactured by the human body for a variety of purposes including natural pain intervention; nerve conditions, movement control and coordination; regulating the metabolism; protecting the brain against the negative side effects of oxidation and boosting the immune system. In addition, there are numerous studies and accounts of cannabis reversing the effects of and in many cases also destroying cancer cells and tumours. The controlled and guided use of cannabinoids therefore has the potential to help those suffering from a variety of illnesses to manage the side effects while helping the body to recover.

The Stigmatisation of Hemp

Hemp offers over 50 000 different commercial and industrial products, including the manufacture of rope, clothing, food, paper, textiles and bio-fuel. In addition to this, the crop can provide effective, safe and cost-effective treatments for some 400 medical conditions. The motivation to stigmatise the crop by some quarters becomes abundantly apparent when these 2 facts are taken into consideration. The orchestrated stigmatisation of hemp began centuries ago and has its roots unequivocally in corporate greed and monopolisation, driven by and in collusion with politicians.

Indeed, the misrepresentation of hemp as a dangerous drug has been peddled for decades by global conglomerates, well aware of the threat it poses to their gigantic payday. Presently, it is the same multinationals (receiving help from bought off politicians) who are driving the campaign to demonise hemp due to their reprehensible levels of greed.

It is also instructive to note that the theory that marijuana is a ‘gateway’ or ‘entry’ drug that leads to the use of damaging and dangerous illegal substances has largely been disproved by many reputable studies.

Guiding Philosophy

Holistic Releaf, Health & Wellness centres embrace the following guiding principles:

Communicate to Educate
As our first point of departure, we consider this to be critical in light of the extreme
forms of negative propaganda and misinformation that has been spread and to
raise awareness and dispel the many myths and untruths that have been created
about hemp/cannabis.

Always understanding the pain and suffering that you are experiencing allows us
to provide the best solutions for you to return to living your life happily once again
and realising your full potential.

The best care begins with the deepest levels of respect and our practitioners
possess this quality in abundance to ensure mutual trust and the best experience
possible for you when you are in our care.

Advancing Healthcare
Keeping pace with the best world practices and technologies and constantly
innovating to provide as diverse a solution base as possible for our patients. A key
aim is to build a portfolio that is research and advocacy driven to assist us in
delivering the best service.

We are confident of providing the best solutions for our patients with the highest
levels of integrity.

We will endeavour to maintain the valuable links we have created with leading
global innovators in this industry and government to provide optimal services to
our patients. Similarly, we will build and maintain relationships with important
stakeholders, including Government, Non-governmental organisations and other
corporates, with a view to constantly improve the standard and quality of our
services and products.